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 What is the Yemba USA?

The Yemba USA is a 501(c) (3) non-profit cultural organization created 6 years ago in Nutley New Jersey to keep vibrant and alive the wide Bamileke culture and especially the Yemba one.

The Bamiléké is one of the well­known group of communities situated in the western region of the country of Cameroon in West Africa. 


The Bamiléké people are known to the outside world by the structure of their communities, the quality of their art that has been heavily study and collected throughout the western world. Nearly all major international history museums inclunding in the US own a piece of art from one or more Bamiléké groups including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Newark Museum.

The Yemba Festival is a bi-annual cultural event celebrating and sharing the culture of the Western Grassland Region of the country of Cameroon in West Africa also known as the Bamiléké region. 

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Yemba Throne
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What we do

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Dances and Culture

N'gou Mendzong A Kennah N'gou ePooh Mendzong N'koozang A Zing Danse des femmes

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Our culture and heritage

“…means more than the resuscitation ofthe past: it means the free and unconfined search for new ways of expressing the experience of the present and the vision of the future" John F. Kennedy



Significance Of African Languages In The Era Of Globalization

The colonial legacy has rendered many major African languages impotent in many African countries because of the derogatory characterization of those languages as unscientific or backward. This is how African kids are forbidden to even use their mother tongue during their primary school.

The only notable exception to this trend is Tanzania since 1969 where Kiswahili was introduced as the medium of instruction throughout primary school. It is also interesting that post-apartheid South Africa also introduced 11 official languages plus english and Afrikaans. The constitution of South Africa values all those indigenous languages as of equal use in all sectors of the society. We can save the continent from this collective amnesia by coming together to provide policy ideas that promote the teaching of African languages in the Diaspora as a way to tell the African continent that the knowledge contained in any African language has to be saved. I was so privileged to train African an American student like Jonathan Fine, a graduate student at Princeton University and Glen Gordon, an African American student from Howard University, to speak and write Shupamem and be able to converse with the Bamum King between 2012 and 2015.

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What we have done


Nice Lily

Lily likes to play with crayons and pencils

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Some questions

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 How to pay for my Yemba gala ticket?

The best way to by your Yemba's Gala ticket is using this website. 

 What is the Yemba USA membership?

In order to benefit from all advantages of Yemba USA, each member has to pay the yearly membership of $50.

What is the dress code for the Festival?

What is the dress code Yemba Gala?


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